Help out with your unconference!

We’re just starting to plan BarCamp Portland 8, and most of that planning will happen on our planning mailing list, so please sign up for that if you’re interested in some of the exciting pre-event work like scheduling, fundraising, and recruiting other volunteers.  It’s a pretty low-traffic list and we welcome all interested parties.

If you’re interested in helping out during the event, great!  We need a lot of folks to make this happen. Please consider volunteering for a couple shifts (unless you’re the errand runner) – many of the food shifts are about a half hour or less of work.

Descriptions of the workers needed are below, and you can sign up over here

  • day-of – errand runners (need vehicle)

    Be a mobile superhero! We always run out of something important–cups for beer, toilet paper, sodas for the beer-free. Plus we have some scheduled needs–we need to get 250 people worth of food and 2 kegs to the venue, and all the leftovers away from it. This isn’t constant duty, but we’d love to have you on call for the morning or the afternoon if you have a vehicle. We’ll pay for your parking all day =). we need someone on friday afternoon, someone else saturday morning thru noon, and someone else saturday afternoon.


  • day-of – tech wizard

    Our BarCamp gets a ton more relevance to the global community and longevity in the minds of attendees through the online schedule and notes taken at sessions, and social media carries our energy out into the larger world.  This won’t happen without help from dedicated techie participants. Be our eyes and fingers on the ground (~1 hour of work throughout the day friday / saturday/ sunday).

  • day-of – food prep/cleanup people

    Fond memories of that McJob you had at age 16? Really great at bussing tables? This isn’t glamorous but it is our biggest need, and it is the most appreciated position at the event–everyone loves free food and YOU make it happen. What you’ll be doing: laying out food on a buffet table, doing occasional table bussing. What you won’t be doing: cooking, washing dishes, mopping the floor. We need 2 people per meal (late snack friday, breakfast saturday, lunch saturday, snack saturday, late snack saturday). I promise you’ll have time to eat!


  • day of – beer servers

    Are you over 18 and willing to put off partaking so you can serve others? Can you unite beer and cups (training available!)? This is the second most appreciated position and probably leads to you taking home jugs of leftover beer after the event.


  • day of – registration table

    Be the first smiling face that folks see when they walk into our event! Answer questions, help folks into their nametags, and be welcoming. (2 hour shift friday night, 5 2 hour shifts saturday).

Please sign up to volunteer here!