Christie Koehler works for Mozilla (makers of Firefox), is co-chair of the annual Open Source Bridge Conference, organizes both Code ‘n’ Splode and Women Who Hack, and is co-founder and secretary of the Stumptown Syndicate. Christie’s non-tech activities include Hatha Yoga, cycling, hiking, making awesome vegan food, and folding origami. She lives in North Portland with her wife, four cats and a Dachshund-Labrador mix.

Chris McCraw works dev ops at New Relic, is a community builder in the tech and bike scene in Portland, and a joy facilitator in all that he does. Yes, he will probably volunteer for your cause if you ask him nicely.

Reid Beels writes code, dyes pixels by hand, takes photos, and thinks a lot about how things ought to work. He’s rather fond of bringing enthusiastic, awesome, people together to share knowledge and solve problems.

Jim Eastman is an electrical engineer and embedded systems programmer currently working with toys that make noise and doing other strange things with electricity. He’s an open hardware advocate, working a lot with DorkbotPDX and believes strongly in open source everything. He was recently elected to the board of directors for Stumptown Syndicate, and enjoys being involved with the events that organization runs. He is an avid cyclist, wine geek and long distance backpacker, and when not in Portland, it’s anyone’s guess as to where he’s gone off to.