Recording Policy

Photography/Recording Rules

We encourage attendees to take and share their own photographs, as long as the rules below are followed.

Any photography/recording that is legally allowed in public spaces is allowed at BarCamp Portland.

Photography/recording should be treated like other potentially harassing interpersonal interaction. That is, when one person in the interaction says “stop” or “leave me alone” (etc), the interaction must end. In this case, attendees should not attempt to photograph that individual again.

Photography/recording shouldn’t be done in such a way as to hide from the subject that it’s happening.

The subject may inspect the photo/recording at any time and, if requested, the photo/footage/etc must be deleted immediately.

Flash Photography Prohibited

To ensure that our event is accessible to all, please refrain from using flash photography.

Most flash photography has the potential to trigger migraines, seizures, etc. in those with photo-sensitivities. Those with a working knowledge of their equipment should have no trouble taking photos in the ambient light of our venue.

Code of Conduct

Those who are taking photographs and/or recording must also follow our Code of Conduct.

How to Report Violations or Issues

Please report an violations or issues with recording or photography directly to conference co-chairs Christie Koehler or Reid Beels.

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