Announcing the Digital Interactivity and Mini-Maker Expo Schedule

This year, we are partnering with the Game Creation and Education Initiative to provide an evening and full day interactive exhibits along with the usual attendee-led sessions. On Friday evening, please join us to experience local indie game and other interactive projects featuring a game about canvassing, epic robot fighting, puzzles, self-controlled visual music displays, crowd-sourced font design, and more! On Saturday, join us for sessions including a home brewing demonstration, woodworking lecture, the neighborhood market project, and the conclusion of the weekend’s font design project!

And remember, we have plenty of space and time for attendee-led sessions, so if you have an idea or project to share, come prepared to talk about it!

Read on for more details and please RSVP if you plan to attend!

Digital Interactivity and Mini-Maker Expo Schedule

Friday March 29th 6:30-9pm, Buchan Room

New Key of the Ancient Light: The Game

New Key is a piano driven multiplayer video game that connects the sight of video games with the sounds of a grand piano. Players control the environment with the piano and characters with Wii-Remotes to explore the musically driven environment of the Ancient Light. Lighttroupe,

An Afternoon Gathering in Sixty-four Colors

NES graphics generated from ambient sound. Cameron Adamez,

The Modern World: A Video Game

A hand-built arcade cabinet with a game made for the Arduino. In the Modern World you use your Freedom™ controller to move right, left, vote and protest. The object of the game is to prevent the senseless destruction happening right before you.
Cameron Adamez & Donald Delmar Davis,

Marshmallow Duel

Marshmallow Duel is a fast-paced platformer from the days of shareware disks and simple graphics. The goal: Beat the other player while avoiding the pit of marshmallow! Come by and see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and to try your hand at Marshmallow Duel. Potential Game Studios, and

The Boticus Game

The Boticus Game is an Epic Robot fighting game for the Ouya Console. It is being developed by a group of Portland artist and developers. Enter the arena and fight for glory and your very survival.


Clobbr is a casual mobile puzzle game being designed and developed by a handful of Portlanders. It’s currently in development for Android and iOS, and a demo will be available to play at BarCamp. Clifton B,


Canvasser is a role-playing game, but not the usual kind. In this game, you play the role of a young, aspiring canvasser who sets out to save his or her beloved forest. It’s a game that asks what we’re willing to give for our planet, the role of sales in environmentalism, and how we press on even when we’re not sure we’re making a difference.
Jackson Lango,

Crowd-sourced Font Design!

Design a letter to contribute in the creation of a BarCamp Portland 7 font! Use a sharpie to draw a letter and post on the display wall. See Saturday’s description for followup activities! Alicia Nagel,

Neighborhood Market Project

The Neighbor Market Project works with a constellation of community food systems groups in inner NE Portland. The NMP makes it easier for neighbors to buy directly from each other than from long-distance retailer supply chains. We’re doing this initially by providing a free & open source web application and bicycle delivery support. Ultimately, we aim to deploy fully decentralized, P2P transaction protocols and mobile access. We’ll demonstrate our alpha web application and invite sign ups for our live distribution trial on Saturday. “Buy” or “sell” anything you like, even if just a sketch of an item.

Saturday, March 30th, 11am – 6pm, B-Side Classroom

Restless Timber – 11am-1pm

A lecture on the nature of wood and woodworking. Austin Heitzman

Neighbor Market Project – 2:30pm-4:30pm

Live distribution trial during the conference. “Buy” or “sell” anything you like, even if just a sketch of an item.

Brewing beer with minimal equipment (Saturday 2:30pm to 6pm)

You don’t need an expensive setup to brew beer. You can do it with regular kitchen pots & pans on your stove. We’ll be demonstrating how to homebrew a full batch of beer with a half-size pot, on a camp stove, out in the courtyard. During the demonstration, we’ll talk about the different kinds of brewing, how to cobble up a recipe, what you can do with
more equipment (once you catch the homebrew bug), and things like that. OLCC willing, we’ll also be tasting a previously made batch of the beer we’ll be brewing.

Crowd-sourced Font Design! – 5pm-6pm

Vote for letter design favorites (and sneak in some more designs). After lunch, voting closes. The most popular drawing for each letter will then be digitized and all characters combined and created into a custom font. Come to a 5–6pm session to view the final font, see how the font was made, and receive the final font file. Yay for crowd-sourced free design! Alicia Nagel,

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