Volunteers needed: Help us run barcamp 7!

The 7th annual Barcamp Portland is in 4 weeks, and we need your help to make it great!  We need about a twenty folks to work 2 hour shifts–greeting, setting up, cleaning up, bartending, and helping out as community is built and minds are blown.

We need:

  • 4 folks to serve beer friday and saturday evenings (no OLCC certification required)
  • about 8 folks willing to work the greeters station in 2 hour shifts friday evening and all day saturday
  • 6 folks to help with snacktimes (friday evening, saturday morning, saturday evening), and setup/teardown on friday afternoon and saturday evening

You can find more thorough listing of shift duties, and a link to the online signup form here:



Want to be a twitter superstar, a killer photographer, or run a session?  We want you to participate, but you don’t need to sign up — just show up and do that magic you do!

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