We Had a Barcamp, and it Was Great

Photo courtesy of Cesar Pinera, www.cesarpinera.com.

Portland’s 6th BarCamp took place last weekend and was a huge success!

Many thanks to our 250+ attendees for creating this vibrant event and for contributing almost $1000 to offset the costs of running the conference. We had 44 sessions and a whole lot of great conversations. We can’t wait to see what great collaborations emerge from all of the brainstorming that went on during BarCamp Portland!

For those who couldn’t make it, you can check out the schedule to see what we talked about. As attendees fill in the notes they took (which are linked from the schedule), you’ll be able to get more of a sense of the conversations and ideas that were floating around. If you attended a session, please add your notes!

If you’re a more visual person, check out the Flickr stream of pictures from the event and feel free to add your own photos of the event.

We had an Indie Game Showcase and Crowd Funding Jam at this year’s event, organized by PixelArtsPDX.  To get involved with this group on the ground level, check out their Google group.

BarCamp Portland 6 also featured a day-long lock-picking workshop, where Kenny from http://toool.us demonstrated and taught techniques to over a hundred attendees, most of whom managed to open a lock during the workshop!

Thank you Volunteers!

Several hundred volunteer hours went in to planning and running this weekend’s event!

Thank you to all volunteers who gave their time to make BarCamp happen:

Kenn Wilson, Risa Dale, Shannon Tennant, Anthony Szabo, Jeffrey Sens, Steph Routh, Rachel Sakry, John Stokes, Chandra Gallipeau, Shalene Gibson, Mary Anne Thygesen, Corey Kasberg, Joe Spitz, Perry Wagle, John Pratt, Robyn Klopp, Cat Poole, Kenny McElroy, Shepherd Griffin, Alicia Nagle, Sherri Montgomery, Dannon Raith, Reid Beels, Audrey Eschright, Jim Eastman.

Want your name to be on this list for next year’s event? Let us know you’re interested in volunteering.

Thank you Sponsors!

BarCamp happens with the generous support of our sponsors:

  • Campaign Monitor provides email marketing software for web designers and their clients.
  • Edgelink is a specialized, high-touch, IT staffing and recruiting firm based in Portland, OR and Denver, CO.
  • Mozilla‘s mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.
  • New Relic‘s mission is to make web applications run better, to make the internet more productive, and to make life easier for developers and devops.
  • DRY Soda is soda re-imagined: better tasting and better for you.

Please visit our sponsors and thank them for supporting awesome events like BarCamp Portland.

BarCamp Portland 7

Yes, we’ll have it again in March or April of 2013! If you want to be sure to hear about BarCamp and other events, join our mailing list.