Featured event at BarCamp Portland 6: Indie Video Game Showcase and Crowd Funding Jam

Join us on March 30th to learn how to develop your own crowd funding project and explore the creativity of Portland’s indie game developers.

In February, video game company Double Fine Adventure asked fans to support their new game by contributing $400,000. After only twelve hours, pledges exceeded $1 million. After less than 30 days, their game became the most funded project in Kickstarter history with over 87 thousand backers contributing more than $3.3 million. In total, they had reached 834% of their funding goal (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/66710809/double-fine-adventure).

Double Fine Adventure’s success has generated massive excitement among indie developers & gamers everywhere. Instead of needing loans or credit, creators are finding new opportunities through our vibrant global community. At BarCamp Portland 6, we will showcase indie video games and explore crowd funding models. The goal of our event is to help local developers and entrepreneurs prototype their projects and discover best practices for crowd funding.

When: March 30th, 6:30-9pm during the opening evening of barcamp

Where: Eliot Center, 1226 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205

What: An exploration of the creativity of Portland’s indie game developers and how to develop a crowdfunding project.

Play, Learn, Connect

Come to a showcase of indie video games by the Portland Indie Game Squad including entries from the Global Game Jam 12. Play games like “Space Tetherball” and “Claustrophobic Typing.” Other entries from the local community are welcome and encouraged.

There will also be a demo of a pre-release version of Johann Sebastian Joust, a graphic-less 7 player game using motion controllers, made by Die Gute Fabrik, a small games studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Learn and Share at the Game Jam Discussion hosted by Portland Indie Game Squad

This session looks at developers’ work flow in time constrained situations. We’ll examine good strategies for making it through a simulation of producing a professional quality project within a strict deadline. Essentially, we’ll tell you how to ride the wave of the 48 hour code jam. How are jam sessions useful for other creative practices? Learn about why people jam and how it helps them innovate. Plus, you’ll get an in-depth look at the world of indie game development, and you don’t even have to get caught in traffic outside Moscone (http://www.gdconf.com/).

Participate in our Portland Crowdfunding Thought Experiment

The game is simple: show your preference amongst 10 KickStarter projects currently seeking funding in the Pacific NW. We’ll be using a simplified form of Dotmocracy – everyone will get to +1 a project using one of the five stickers we’ll give you at the start. It’s cool if you’ve never heard of this Dotmocracy thing before. This is BarCamp. There will be a demo.

The goal of our game is discover best practices and explore how to create local block funding using Kickstarter as a platform. Our jam session, facilitated by Todd Pitt of Zero Strategist, will examine alternative models like IndieGoGo and StartSomeGood. At the end, Pixel Arts will give $200 plus any additional funds raised to the winning Kickstarter project.

About PIxel Arts

Pixel Arts is a new startup in Portland dedicated to causing positive change in the world through video games. They believe in the plethora of the world’s creative endeavors, but they really just like video games.

Their mission is to nurture innovative collaborations that promote social and economic breakthroughs, starting at the local level. They do this by hosting labs that provide education and community networking.

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