Barcamp is more than Tech

Do you know what Barcamp is? If not, go read all about it and then come back. Long story short, it’s a bunch of deeply interested people having conversations about what interests them. Perhaps you have a passion for textiles, storytelling, entrepreneurship, raising chickens, functional programming for robots, or sculpting? I guarantee you that someone else who is interested too will also be at this event.

Of course there will be a lot of talks about tech, but Barcamp is about so much more than computers. It’s about social interaction and rich idea exchange – this is why Barcamp has less “presentations” and more “conversations”. Feel like you’re not an expert? No problem! All you have to do is facilitate a conversation on a topic you’re interested in. Feel like it might be too techy for you? This is your call to make it *your* event and get some tech geeks thinking outside of the “box”! Show up by 10am to get your event on the schedule. Don’t feel like leading an official session? Show up at 9 and find someone to co-run it with you, or post a note for interested folks to come meet you outside of an official meeting space–we have a lot of random gathering space in the common areas and courtyard for impromptu gatherings. Just bring your ideas and your voice!

There is room for 35 sessions (and infinite small group chats) between 10am and 6pm and we want you to lead one! Bring a project or idea and an interesting spin on it, to capture people’s imagination, and be prepared to leave richer in inspiration than you arrived. Here’s some ideas for non-tech sessions, but let this be a jumping off point for your even more thrilling thoughts =)

  • algorithms for weaving
  • urban animal enclosures – protection for chickens and gardens
  • feng shue of your home office
  • facilitating productive meetings
  • a layperson’s guide to appreciating local architecture

Here’s an etherpad on which you can dump half-baked ideas and works in progress for community feedback and brainstorming.