BarCamp 4 Volunteer Meeting, Lucky Lab S.E., 7 pm, 20-Oct.-2010

Ensign Emma D. Shelton, USNR(W) receives a salute from Marine sentry as she enters an apartment building that served as temporary WAVES quarters, circa 1943.


… Oh, ahem… sorry if we got a little carried away there, but planning for BarCamp Portland 4 is getting very exciting as we come down to the wire!

So, before the big event, we thought we’d have just a general meeting of all our Volunteers for BarCamp Portland 4.

We’ll gather at the Lucky Lab in Southeast, 915 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. (entrance & parking also on S.E. Madison), at 7 pm, Wednesday,  20-October-2010.

(Note:  we’ll try and meet in the back room, but i don’t want to “reserve” it, as reserving costs $100.)

So please come, we’ll go over job assignment, expectations, etc.  Especially noteworthy will be anyone who can help with set-up prior to the event the day-of, Friday, 22-October-2010.

See you next Wednesday the 20th of October at the Lucky Lab S.E.!

Because we all know how much you all love to volunteer, volunteer…


Photo source: Women of WWII

One thought on “BarCamp 4 Volunteer Meeting, Lucky Lab S.E., 7 pm, 20-Oct.-2010

  1. great meeting last night at the lucky lab s.e. — thanx to all who showed & also to all who e-mailed in their schedule & preferences. we’re going to make this great together!

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