BarCamp needs YOU!… to serve your buds beer! (OLCC server needed)

Friends, does serving an icy-cold, frosty, hand-crafted, micro-brewed, made right here in Oregon beer to your thirsty bro’s & sis’s make you feel good about yourself? Does not the mere thought of such an activity give you the warm fuzzies all over? And doesn’t that make you a much better person, with a far more enriched life?

If the answer to some or all of the above is a resounding, “Yes!,” then BarCamp needs YOU!… to serve beer. For we plan on having some very tasty micro-brew for all our participants and need your help in making this happen.

Here’s what we need: our gracious venue, the Eliot Center, requires that we either —

  • Have a person(s) with a current, valid OLCC server card to serve the beer.
  • Arrange with the Eliot Center to do a brief training with them to be an OLCC Temporary Server just for the BarCamp event on October 22nd & 23rd.

If you already have your OLCC Server card or wish to be trained to be the OLCC Temporary Server, please contact christiekoehler at gmail dot com, or post a message to the BarCamp Portland Planning Google Group.


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