So You’re Coming to BarCamp 4

We want you to have the best time possible at BarCamp, so we have a few suggestions and reminders for you. You should also check out the blog for How to Get the Most Out of BarCamp.


BarCamp Portland will take place at the First Unitarian Church’s Eliot Center (1226 SW Salmon St)


The activities begin on Friday, October 22nd, at 6:30pm. Come hang out and socialize with other participants at the Eliot Center until 9pm.

Saturday the doors will open at 9am which allows for plenty of time to grab a bagel and chat before the unconference kicks off. At 10am there will be a short welcome and introduction. Then participants can propose their sessions and put them up on the schedule board. We’ll have until 9pm Saturday to give presentations, socialize, and brainstorm ideas for BarCamp 5.


Friday, October 22nd

6:30pm – 9pm – Socializing

Saturday, October 23rd

9am:  Registration & Mingling
10am:  Kick-off & Scheduling
11am:  Session 1
12pm:  Session 2
1pm:  Lunch
2:30pm:  Session 3
3:30pm:  Session 4
4:30pm:  Break
5pm:  Session 5
6pm:  Wrap-up
7pm:  More Sessions & Mingling
9pm:  Clean-up


There are seven rooms for unconference sessions. There will be two rooms with projectors available. If you would like to use one for your session, just be sure to post your session to one of those rooms.

Although sessions are usually 45-minutes, longer sessions may be proposed. If a session needs to be extended there is plenty of space available for a conversation or presentation to move to if another session needs to get started.


At this BarCamp there wasn’t sufficient sponsorship to cover the cost of lunch for everyone, so please be prepared to bring your own lunch or go out and grab something at a near-by food cart or restaurant during the 90-minute break. There are some restaurants and food carts open Saturday for lunch not far from the Eliot Center. A few suggestions: