Childcare at BarCamp Portland 4: We need your feedback!

Kate participates in play time for the Big Steps Childcare Campaign

Previous BarCamp participants have often requested childcare. For the first time, we’re seriously looking at what it would take to provide this during the event.

Were we to provide childcare, our hope would be to make it the best possible experience for parents and their kids who wish to attend BarCamp Portland 4, and we need your input.

So far, we’ve researched two options for childcare:

  1. On-site. Our prospective downtown venue has a room that we can use for child care. We would either need to hire a service (see below) or staff it (in shifts) ourselves.
  2. Off-site, using a licensed childcare provider. We already have a quote from WeVillage, located in the Pearl District (very close to our venue).

Hiring a service is completely dependent on having the sponsor funds to do so.

What we need to know from you is the following:

  1. That childcare is important to you.
  2. What kind of experience is desired from people staffing the child care?
    • Parents themselves only?
    • Child care professionals?
    • Is first-aid/cpr certification a requirement?
    • What would BarCamp need to supply, if anything? Kid-friendly food, toys, baby wipes, etc?
  3. Would you be willing to volunteer for a childcare shift?
  4. Do you know anyone who would like to sponsor childcare?

Please feel free to take on this discussion with your own input & ideas, in the comment section below, or by emailing christiekoehler at gmail dot com.

Update: We need to hear from you by Monday, Oct 4th in order to make the necessary child care arrangements, so be prompt with your feedback.

Update 10/4: As of today, no one has RSVP’d and indicated they would like childcare at Barcamp Portland 4. Given our limited planning and sponsorship resources, we’re going to discontinue our efforts to provide childcare for at year’s event. We’ll try again next year.

Also, if you’re planning on attending BarCamp Portland, don’t forget to RSVP and on the RSVP be sure let us know that you’d like childcare.